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Elite & Celebrity matrimony

Elite & Celebrity matrimony

“Elite matrimony is for Elite /HNI’s category people who search similar profile like themselves in terms of wealthy” S.Halder, Co Founder of

Elite Matrimony , a dedicated personalize matrimony service for Elite class/ HNI’s and celebrity people who have different in terms of Status and wealth.

Elite matrimony is specially design for those who have different from common people in terms of wealth and status said Mr S.Halder. we talk to Mr Halder regarding Elite Matrimony ( Premium personalize matchmaking Service)

What is the specialty of Elite Matrimony service?

The main feature of Elite matrimony service is Discretion, the whole matching process done under highest level of security. The whole process is control by a dedicated Relationship manager. The matching process is very critical and accurate. We consider all parameter like Age, height, Gon/gotra, qualification, family status, similar job profile etc.

If we have not enough data for a particular match, we publish newspaper advertisement on behalf of candidate, and we carefully shortlist all the application and match according to the criteria. we never disclose candidates identity before finalizing negotiation. We also primary verify all claims like education, Job etc before sending the profile.

Horoscope matching is also necessary for most of the Indian families so we consider matchmaking one of the criteria for shortlisting candidate.

Recently Graduate from IIT/IIM/AIIMs/Ivy league university  one of the major criteria for some family rather than wealthy family, especially for searching  grooms. We also consider this point for shortlisting candidate.

How is it different from any other matrimony Service?

Members of the elite/VIP/HNi’s /Celebrity category are searching for a life partner like themselves in terms of category,status, wealth and education. The special service addresses the needs of a niche clientele and provides a high level of confidential service to members who prefer not to disclose their identity before finalizing.

What is the Specialty of your “Celebrity” package ?

Celebrity package specially design for VIP & celebrity  like Actor, actress, Player, Businessman etc . we provide home service ( if required ), that means RM may meet with candidate in Candidates home for matchmaking purpose. We also arrange meeting with candidate.

What is the membership fees for Elite matrimony?

There are five package from Rs 44990/- to Rs 240000/-, based on duration and service.

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