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Free Bengali marriage site

Free Bengali marriage site

Are you looking for free Bengali matrimonial site? If yes there is a lots of reason for your free registration in

Why you don’t join in Free marriage site?

If you are looking for free marriage site it is better to don’t register profile in that website. The main reasons are

  1. Free marriage site nothing but a dating site where people are joining for mostly Time pass and mostly not for marriage.
  2. There is no strict phone/ profile it is high chance for fake profile.
  • No Online security
  1. Most of the site doesn’t have any customer care, only mail support is available.
  2. Most of the case you can send only message
  3. No premium profile
  • No high quality profile.
  • You lost valuable time.
  1. No service.

What is the advantage for free registration in

  1. Dedicated customer care
  2. Verified profile
  • No chance of any fake profile
  1. High level of security
  2. Photo lock
  3. Lots of Bengali NRI profile
  • Lots of Bengali Elite profile.
  • Guaranteed match.
  1. High quality match.
  2. Premium profile are most serious for looking for matching, then can contact with you directly.
  3. Our RM can contact with you if any premium profile match with you.

Beside that 99marriageguru provide lots of service which you don’t expect any free Bengali matrimony website.

  1. Marriage Loan: Being a free/paid member you can enlist your name in marriage loan service. You can apply for marriage loan also. this loan are called Friendly marriage loan i.e lowest interest rate & highest chance of approval.
  2. Catering/ Wedding planning service. you can also applied for catering/event management service.
  3. Pre marriage investigation service: If your initial negotiation is going on you can anvil for verification of your partner’s background & others details.

Don’t west your valuable time in free marriage site, time is valuable in all ached and register your profile free. For free registration click here.


What is the process of Finding Indian Life Partner for an NRI

What is the process of Finding Indian Life Partner for an NRI

If you are an NRI and looking for Indian life partner this topic may be helpful for you .If you are permanent settle in Canada, USA, UK or others country permanently then it may be difficult for search partner. Here some tricks for you to search your life partner.

  1. Register your name in Online NRI Matrimony site.: most cheapest way to register your name to online NRI Matrimony website. Online matrimony is now best platform to meet singles. You can send interest , chat, view phone no etc. it is recommended that you should Chat with your partner. If he/ she interested then go for further processing.
  2. Join Your Community festival: Community festival is another good way to find your soul mate. In community festival lots of people gather for celebration. You can meet with other people, so it is a another great way to achieve your goal.
  3. Go for Assisted Matrimony Service for NRI: NRI Assisted matrimony service is another best way to finding your life partner. If you are in hurry and want to settle within a specific time then this service is good option for you. Here your relationship Manager assist you to finding your soul mate according to your matching. Pre marriage investigation/ background verification will help you to assure the gentility of profile. Assisted matrimony service is very effective when your are very busy and hurry for searching life partner.
How to choose grooms for your lovely NRI daughter?

How to choose grooms for your lovely NRI daughter?

is your NRI girl wearing a knot with her prince? But no Indian-born NRI with Indian standards, because it will be a perfect match so you can not find? Do not worry You are not alone with this problem. There are many parents in the USA,CANADA or UK or in other countries abroad who are looking for a perfect partner for their NRI kids.

However, you will not have to worry about it anymore because here we have listed the best ways for searching best match for you. You are bound to be successful in your search with this pointer. Let’s check them out!

Search Grooms on Nation based NRI Matrimonial website

Searching profile online is the best way to find suitable match for your lovely daughter. There is a large Indian community in every region of India living abroad. All of them choose nationwide online  matrimony website . You must search profile accordingly your requirement. After primary choose it is always a good idea to participate in enthusiastic events which help your daughter to acquired their culture. if you live in Canada, you will be forced to participate in these events in Canada on many solo events in Canada.

If you are too busy then go for Assisted matrimony service for NRI. This personalize matchmaking service help you to find prospective match under a time bond condition. But it is always suggested that you should try online matrimony first, If you have no others alternative then looks for other alternative

Indian Online matrimonial websites are trustworthy?

Indian Online matrimonial websites are trustworthy?

Over time and in the absence of our daily lives, more people start using the Internet to find a Soul mate, in matrimony websites to find their ideal partners. Matrimony Portal are very popular among  all upper class to middle class people in India. However, the wedding  sites have some common and lethal mythological events.

In India, a number of successful and well-known online matrimony portal are serving for eligible Indian Brides & Grooms.

a considerable growing number of eligible Indian Brides & Grooms create accounts and connect with prospective partners through potential partners. But some say that it is a very complicated and time-consuming process, but others say that it is embarrassing, while others claim that such places on the internet are not safe and match with unclear anonymous fake users.

We feel the high time to clean the air and reduce these misconceptions about popular online wedding websites and popular myths.

There are some relevant question & myth and answer about online matrimony in India

Myth no 1

Is online Matrimony total waste of time?

No, The online matchmaking website provides more matching profile compare to traditional matchmaking or individual offline service.

More Indian youth are joining only on wedding sites to reduce the constant hassle of traditional collaboration process. They can show a number of profile holders in a short period of time, may have detailed interaction with the potential person in the convenient meeting place online, and only if the initial results are satisfied

Leading Indian online matrimony service provider like 99marriageguru provides background verification service or Pre marriage investigation service by expert detective agency to provide 100 percent genuine profile.

Myth no 2

No one get married through online matrimony?

The real truth is success rate is greater than traditional offline matrimony service. If you stay away from your home  or NRI candidate there are no others alternative except online matrimony.

those who believe in these wedding sites only join young people, wonderful enthusiasts (or even the players) for fun and lightning with others, but do not focus on finding partners in life. Although it is true only for a small part of the person joining these sites, those who may not be serious in their viewpoint, in India, the number of serious investigators who cannot find it only, but eventually they can tie up with their possible online groom or grow by the bride. Success stories of online marital services can be easily verified through site analysis and testimonials.

It should be considered that it is more likely to find a suitable match online than offline, because there are always qualified brides, grooms and from larger communities of the house. The possible links found on a famous matrimonial site are not limited and its geographical region, class, race, ethnicity or social circles are not limited. Why so much is the Indian youth achieving today’s success in finding partners of their ideal life, even if marital sites are only possible on the basis of long distance relationships.

Most of the profile in Matrimonial websites is fake?

Again, these ideas are quite old. The wedding took place almost a decade ago when online wedding services started to make their journey. At that stage, less helpless people than disrespected and transparent agendas signed “just to make fun” for creating fake anonymous profiles. But after a decade of technological advancement and security of social sites, new age wedding sites today have follow strict rules for strict verification procedures, strong surveillance teams and members, and it makes it very difficult to hide random fake profiles almost futile. Such fake profiles are excluded from the most famous sites with dedicated and regular quality control systems. The possibility of encountering random, unclear fake profiles is now remote on nationally recognized homeland sites.

How to Create impressive matrimony profile?

How to Create impressive matrimony profile?

Marriage is made in heaven, but it is a person looking for a bride or groom. With the advancement of technology and foreign relations and connections, wedding sites come as mediator. You create a marriage profile, search with your likes and dislikes, meet a person To get to know each other and marry her, select “perfect match”.

These websites can be user-friendly in a family easily accessible by both young and old. These features have many features to make their profiles comfortable as a privacy option. If it is indeed interested, then both parties allow each other to access the full profile. These websites have gained popularity and trust because they have not managed to turn this platform into dating sites and have gained fidelity to maintain the sanctity of marriage.

The benefits of these online matrimonial sites are many options, such as global-social platforms, with the specific goals and goals of discrimination between personal preferences and options.

However, to meet the fulfillment of the needs of one’s future life partner, care should also be taken to see how a profile should match the perfect match. The first step is creating an impressive matrimony profile:

How to create impressive online matrimonial profile?

  1. Be honest to share your information: The information you provide will be accurate and complete. Always be honest while providing information about yourself because the wrong information can reveal interest to you from another person, but eventually, the authenticity of information that helps you to get the perfect match. You should remember that
  2. Use Front face profile picture: The pictures must be made as the most important part of a matrimonial profile. Photos create an impression that attracts visitors. As much as possible in different profiles and situations, they can help you to know your personality as well as most importantly how you look at it. One should upload photos that are naturally clicked. It should not be a photo of groups, and especially, the background should be your home or office because it creates a trust factor with the person who likes it. Photos can not create an impression that they are clicked for the sole purpose of putting them on the website. You should not use a out date picture.
  3. Your Profile must have adequate detail: Big profile, it’s good! All the necessary details about yourself should be mention very carefully, for this purpose you should use “About me” part. Your description should be in lucid language.
  4. Don’t be rigid: don’t be rigid for searching life partner. Your life partner may be not match exactly with all your criteria, be flexible for searching your life partner.
  5. Mention your family background: This is a vital element which must include your wedding profile. you should include information about your family, who are a part of your family, what they do, etc. It helps the other person and his family to know a bit about the situation and the background belongs to you. It also constitutes an integral part of your personality at the time.
  6. Be sure all information is correct: The sanctity of marriage depends on the truth and belief. Therefore, the information provided on the profile for another person must be true and correct. For this reason, it may be devastating to find out the false information that you put in the profile while presenting your personal meeting. It can be grammatically correct because it creates an impression on another person and grammatical mistakes will not be made for an impressive profile.
  7. Partner Preferences:A wedding profile has two parts – personal information and partner choice. On the one hand, while writing personal information, be honest about it and keep an eye on yourself. On the other hand, while mentioning the partners’ choices, it will not be unreasonable to publish high expectations. It’s about to be balanced. When mentioning them, they should be intelligent and subtle with words.
  8. Background verification: Background verification or pre marriage investigation is one of the essential matter before finalizing the marriage ceremony. you should take help from any expert agency. 99marriageguru also provide this service according to requirement.
  9. Keep your patience: There is always someone, somewhere created in heaven for you. Therefore, do not lose hope on the delayed response or any match. There will be times when your interest request is denied, or you will not get the desired results of your choice. Be as patient and hopeful as soon as you are after or after, you will find your relatives who match your preferences and you meet them.

Online matrimony is the best way to find one’s soul mate. It is very simple to register profile and search partner. Register your profile to day and search your life partner. Best of luck in advanced

Online Matrimony and its significance in Indian Society

Online Matrimony and its significance in Indian Society

Marriage is not a simple and straightforward process. It is rather an important turning point in the life of every man and woman. You may not be uninformed when choosing your life partner. Remember that your success and failure, ups and downs, and your life partner is going to be with you to guide you during the time of joy and suffering. Your life partner is more consistent with you, happy in your life.

In today’s modern age, people have started to find the love of their own life. However, love marriage rates have helped people to realize that it cannot be the best strategy to ensure successful married life. As a result, they began to look for a possible alternative and selected Hindu marriage services to meet their requirements.

Now, you need to compromise with situations and people. As an alternative, you can discover a life partner in terms of your own. These marital websites are better than the marriage bureau, because Hindu marital sites can fill you with some necessary information on their registration portal and start your search. Here in this post, we have listed 12 listings why you should choose a marital site to find your love!

  1. Easy and fast:

The most significant benefit of working with the wedding website is that they have a huge database of each of their bride and groom profiles. Therefore, as a registered member, you can gain access to a broad profile in front of you. You just have to fill your initial information to get started. They will provide you with numerous profiles of other registered people who meet your Partner Search criteria.

  1. Easy Registration:

Registration with a wedding site is quite easy. To get started with your name, gender, age, e-mail address and cell phone number, you only need to update your basic information. To get the best combined profiles, it is best to fill the details of all minutes while registering. However, if you are not getting the desired results, you can change your search criteria each time.

  1. Most protected:

Most of the wedding websites are safe for use. If you share any information with them, they keep these information safe and secure. These websites do not share your information with everyone except with your permission. These websites use privacy tools to protect your details and ensure that no member misuses it.

  1. Critical Investigators:

The wedding website is not like dating websites. They work with a serious goal and as a result, only true people who are serious about their life partner, sign up their profiles on these sites. Then, perhaps you can fill your heartfelt look like a bride or groom like you probably are.

  1. Easy to reach:

Wedding sites usually help with starting a text message or video call with each other before the meeting. These types of chats can help both candidates reduce the feelings of anxiety and cruelty, which couples usually feel the feeling of their first meeting when the marriage is corrected with parental support.

  1. No compromise:

Another great benefit to registering with these wedding sites is that you do not have to compromise on any condition while selecting the right partner. You can ask a companion to suit your needs. You need to take some time to search and get clear with what you’re looking for.

  1. Very Affordable:

It means the subscription website is extremely affordable when it comes to subscribing to money. These websites offer several cheap membership plans to meet your requirements. You can also buy add-ons monthly or weekly to speed up your search process. Even with a free account, you can search for candidates; However, you can not contact them.

  1. Neutrality:

A tradition where online marital website conquers other traditional options ensures complete neutrality. There is no policy to increase or hide any information about them. Of course, candidates may sometimes lie about themselves on their profile. And here’s the only place where you only need extra attention. This aspect is also covered in detail background checks.

  1. Attractive Features:

An amazing interesting feature that is the majority of married services ‘Personalized Hindu Match Making Service’ As part of this feature, you have been appointed a specialist supervisor, who looks at all possible backgrounds for you. They will ensure that you are not compromising in any direction.

  1. Customization Options:

To make your search journey easy and easy, you can choose personalized offers at any given time. You can buy a customized provider that can provide you with extra fine matches, make the results even better, and you can also see the contact information of several matching profiles.

  1. Expert Advice:

Some marital website additionally employs a supervisor or marriage consultant who takes care of your profile and contact other registered members whose profile matches your criteria. In addition, they share your information with them as well as fix the 1st meeting. provide you matrimony related legal service also.

  1. Open and Free Platform:

Anyone can sign up with this community regardless of their community, color, profession or religion. These websites encourage registration of all participants in a marriageable age. So, if you want to find a perfect life partner, do not hesitate to register with any website. Also, these websites do not charge any fees from you to create profiles.

13.  Marriage Loan also provide friendly marriage loan for his paid member. 99marriageguru probably India’s first matrimonial website  provide wedding loan. this loan is very safe and secure.


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